Dutch born Margaret Rens lives with her family in Chateau Coulon Laurensac near Bordeaux in the heart of French wine country. An avid cook and winelover she organizes wine and culinary tours to the Bordeaux region. In Margaret’s Chateau Kitchen she shares with you the lifestyle that she has created and appreciated over the years and will give you tips on the perfect wines to pair.

Welcome in Margaret’s Bordeaux Living

Since  I moved to France in 2001 with my family we’ve learned that social life in France evolves around the table. A birthday party, a family gathering with friends, a winetasting, a simple drink with friends in the early evening or even a general assembly of the local sports club: there is always food and wine involved.

In Margaret’s Bordeaux Living I want to share with you some of the recipes that I’ve learned and appreciated over the years. Recipes for foolproof delicious dishes that are meant to be shared with friends or family.

For me this is very different from restaurant cooking. In a restaurant kitchen a chef wants to perform and impress the guests. When I invite my friends over I want all of us to have a great evening, including myself. I am not inviting them to show off my cooking skills, I’m inviting them to spend an evening together over a good meal with good wines. Therefore I refuse to isolate myself half of the evening in the kitchen while my friends are all drinking and talking around the table.

I prefer to do most of the cooking before everyone arrives and participate in the event. The recipes I’m about to share with you will allow you to do the same.

All recipes serve 6 people but can be adapted to a different number of guests if necessary by some simple math.

But France is about so much more than food and recipes. There is wine, culture, travel. I’d like to share my view on the french Lifestyle with you as well.

Bonne Dégustation,