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Once you have made your decision to travel to Bordeaux you have to decide on your flights. The obvious option is to plan your route via Paris. But you could also consider making Amsterdam part of your itinerary. With several direct flights per day from Amsterdam to Bordeaux it makes a great alternative for an interesting addition to your Bordeaux Wine Experience.

Amsterdam offers you the buzz of a metropolis in pocket size.

Amsterdam offers you the buzz of a metropolis in pocket size. All sights are easy accessible in little time. Here are some ideas to spend a few days in Amsterdam before or after your stay in Bordeaux.

Amsterdam is famous for it’s 400 year old canal belt. A cruise on the canals really is a must. The beautiful architecture of the houses with their pittoresk facades is best admired from the water. There are several cruise companies to choose from near the Central Station. I am sure you will fall in love on the spot with the opulent mansions, crooked merchant houses and bridges that make up Unesco heritage site of Amsterdam.

And if you are not convinced yet : some cruise companies offer a wine and cheese cruise!


Holland was very prosperous in the 17th century mainly because of the spice traders. This century is now known as the Golden Century. The success in trade gave an enormous boost to science and arts in its slipstream. The heritage of the Golden Century can be admired all over Amsterdam but mostly in the museums. The Rijks Museum is with 8,000 objects home to one of Europe’s best collections of fine art. Along with works by Van Gogh and Vermeer, showstoppers include Rembrandt’s The Night Watch. Just in November 2014 the final stage of the museums epic 10-year renovation was finished. The results of the renovations took my breath away. Other interesting museums are the Van Gogh museum and the Hermitage Museum that hosts part of the collection of the famous Hermitage Museum in St Petersburg.


It may not be a ‘fun’ thing to do but one of the most touching visits you can make in Amsterdam is to climb the stairs to the small rooms where diarist Anne Frank and her family were hidden during World War II. The Anne Frank House is now a museum where you can learn about the life of the Frank Family. When you visit the rooms where the family lived it gives you a better perspective of what Anne Frank is writing about. The museum is very popular so it is best to arrive early.


If you want to include some shopping you can go to the PC Hoofstraat for all the major designers including the French, Italian and American. If you are familiar with Dutch celebrities (I doubt it) you may spot one or two of them having a coffee on one of the terraces. But personally I prefer to head out to the area called ‘9 Straatjes” (9 Small Streets). One of the best-kept secrets in Amsterdam the small streets are home to an exuberant mix of Dutch café’s, small boutiques and art galleries. In the evening the many bridges decorated with small lights make a dramatic backdrop for a romantic stroll.


Finally you have to make some time to visit the Flower market on the Singel canal. Here you can buy the famous tulips from Amsterdam. In springtime the flower fields Holland is famous for are in full bloom. The outdoor exhibition Keukenhof is only open 8 weeks per year and within easy reach from Amsterdam for a daytrip.

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